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"We exist to follow Jesus Christ on his mission to make all things new."
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We are a people made for connection. Whether it's enjoying a meal with good friends, reuniting with old friends on social media, or making new friends at the local coffee shop - we are designed for relationships. The Bible teaches us that all of these longings for connection are God-given, and good. In fact, Jesus' ministry was all about making these connections new again - making them better than we could ever imagine! For that reason, we desire to connect people with God and one another. We invite you to check out some of the ways we are following Christ in making us a more connected and renewed community:



Information about small groups and weekly gatherings


Adult Growth

Learn in the context of the classroom


Youth Ministry

Information about our middle and high school youth groups


Children's Ministry

Learn about ways to connect with Cornerstone Kids


Stay Connected

Resources to keep you connected to happenings and events