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"We exist to follow Jesus Christ on his mission to make all things new."
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Reformation Study

October 31, 1517

The spark that ignited the Protestant Reformation kindled in Wittenberg, Germany. For half a millennium, that fire has not stopped burning, flaming hearts with the gospel of justification by faith alone. Fire is hard to control, though. From the earliest days of the Reformation, the church has been split. . .splintered even. This course looks at the causes, theology, and implications of the Reformation and the personalities that ignited the flame and fanned it into a fire in 16th-century Europe.

The Reformation and Why It Happened was taught over four Sundays during October, 2017, 500 years from the spark, in a church that directly owes its heritage to the Reformation.  Bill Martin led a class of adults and high school students in this brief but detailed survey. On this page you will find the course audio, handouts and PowerPoint presentations. You will also find links to select resources for additional study and learning.

Week 1 - Causes and Conditions Calling for Reform

Week 2 - Martin Luther, Tormented Catholic Monk

Week 3 - Luther, Bold Reformer

Week 4 - Streams and Implications of the Reformation

Week 5 - SERMON:  We Are (All) Beggars


Week 1

Audio - 
Handout -
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Week 2

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