"We exist to follow Jesus Christ on his mission to make all things new."
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Discover Cornerstone Fall

A 6-week discussion driven class that explores ‘why we do, what we do,’ and examines how Cornerstone is seeking to “make all things new” in every aspect of life.

What does Cornerstone believe? How is our vision applied? What are the values of our community? How do I get connected to a class or small group? Is there a place for me to volunteer?

In this Sunday morning class, starting Sunday, October 8, 2017, Scott Rockwell will attempt to answer these, and the many more, questions that are commonly asked. If you have been visiting Cornerstone for any length of time, are possibly interested in becoming a member, want to learn about our history and direction, and/or simply interested in getting connected to our community, then Discover Cornerstone is for you! The Discover Cornerstone class is the first step in the membership process - but in no way obligates you to membership. The class will involve teaching, interaction, and will provide an opportunity to meet other people that are exploring Cornerstone. Since this class meets during the 10:45 am service, we encourage you to attend the 9 am service for worship. If you're interested in attending Discover Cornerstone, please sign up below. For questions, contact the office, office@cornerstonelwr.org.

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